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The presence of mold growth in itself is disturbing and often times goes unnoticed. The presence of mold growth is a direct result of a moisture issue most times in the crawl space. The remediation of mold is a process that takes skills, attention to detail, and nothing less than craftsmanship. At Vapor Chasers we are very proud to implement master craftsmanship. The Vapor Chasers Team of Problem Solvers is eager to make your house comfortable and safe again. We offer three levels of Mold remediation the choice is yours.

Like We Always say around the office,

” If they didn’t take down the insulation, they didn’t get it all”


  • Chemical treatment of crawl space.
  • Visible fungal/mold growth will be treated but still visible after treatment is over.


  • Chemical treatment of crawl space and removal of fungal/mold growth
  • Removal/Replacement of insulation R-19.
  • Vacuums will be used to remove growth.
  • Negative air machines may be used as a part of the treatment.
  • Soda blasters may be used as a way to clean your structures wood components
  • Growth will be Removed.


  • All treatments as level 2
  • Application of chemical that has moisture sealing technology that assist in preventing moisture intrusion into wood structures also preventing the return of microbiol growth.